Matthew M Headlee Linux Administrator
Kaysville, UT 84037 Linux Consultant
731-439-9366 Linux Instructor


Over the years I have created many small utilities to solve problems in my life, here are a few of them:

Using ZFS as the root filesystem on Fedora Photography by Matthew Headlee NMAP/NSE Open HTTP Proxy Checker
Album Art Mover & Album Art Embedder Miscellaneous Projects


I love computers; to me they're more than just a paycheck. I have used Linux in my personal life since 1998. At home I run two 4U servers running 14 virtual machines and many more during experiments.

Since 2004 I've professionally worked in I.T. with a primary focus on Linux systems. I advanced from my first Linux focused roles to a systems administrator, where for four years, I deployed and maintained over 800 physical servers located all over the world. After this experience with systems administration, I moved into a split instructor/consultant role, which I have been in for the last ten years.

As a consultant, I've gained outstanding real-world experience supporting existing infrastructure and deploying new environments. I've completed successful consultant work for Moody's, DICK'S Sporting Goods, Capital One, H-E-B, and many others.

As an instructor, I teach I.T. professionals how to correctly use Linux and Linux-related technologies, including Red Hat® Enterprise Linux, Kubernetes, Ansible, Hadoop, Docker, Chef, Puppet, and many, many other technologies which are listed below. I take pride in the quality of my work and am proud to say many repeat clients request me as an instructor care about client requests

A Notable Consulting Experience

As a consultant, a large specialty grocery store. Brought me out to help the company upgrade a large existing Red Hat Satellite 5 deployment to Red Hat Satellite 6. This was no small task. Over a period of two weeks, I deployed two Satellite 6 servers, multiple capsule servers, and set it all up in a high-availability active-passive setup. I worked with the on-site admins to plan data migration from the existing Satellite 5 servers, and eventually moved all data, licenses, and registered clients to the new Satellite 6 install.

Further, I developed several Puppet modules which were used to ensure a consistent deployment across the company's nearly 15,000 servers. These modules were responsible for ensuring SSH keys were deployed, enabling registrations to Red Hat Identity Management, synchronizing sudo rules, and configuring remote logging.

Technical Overview

I've had the opportunity to work with many different technologies, and I have a proven track record of being able to rapidly adopt new and upcoming technologies.




Senior DevOps Engineer

salesrabbit 2021 — present

  • Responsible for the deployment and management of various Kubernetes clusters.
  • Provides guidance to various development teams for proper container building and management.

Linux Systems Consultant

headwaters group 2018 — 2021

  • Provided varied Linux consulting services.

red hat consulting services 2014 — 2021

  • Provided Red Hat Consulting services to Red Hat® customers.
  • Facilitated on-site installation, configuration, and support of Red Hat® services.
  • Deployed and supported Red Hat® software including but not limited to: Satellite 5, Satellite 6, Puppet, Docker, RHEV, Hadoop, and the Red Hat® High Availability Clustering Suite.

Linux Systems Instructor

guru labs 2010 — 2021

  • Provided beginning, intermediate, and advanced Linux training.
  • Class topics included: Kubernetes, system troubleshooting, shell scripting, networking, security, SSH, HTTPD, BIND, Postfix, LDAP and much more.
  • Maintained and researched the course material, ensuring the material is up-to-date.
  • Develops new hands-on labs and course material as Linux changes.
  • Classes cover everything from basic "What is Linux?" to advanced Linux systems administration, such as configuring High Availability Clusters, iSCSI Targets and Initiator setup, Docker, Kubernetes, and Security Administration.
  • Instructed online, local and out-of-state classes.
  • Managed class of 30 students or more.
  • Responsible for classroom setup and all issues that arise.

Senior Systems Administrator & Tech Support Team Manager

listmarketer 2007 — 2010

  • Successfully managed over 800 remote servers running various versions of RHEL, CentOS, and Fedora.
  • Administered local installs of Linux systems and local Windows clients.
  • Managed CentOS remote installations using Anaconda and Kickstart.
  • Responsible for procuring additional servers and IP blocks with many ISPs.
  • Configured DNS records for thousands of domains.
  • Created automation for the configuration of DNS records saving the company many man-hours.
  • Managed installation and configuration of BIND, Apache, PHP, PERL, and PostgreSQL on over 1000 servers.
  • Provided assistance to co-workers, including writing scripts, running fleet wide audits, and debugging components of the company's software.
  • Worked closely with the development team to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve software defects.
  • Directly managed the technical support team and provided internal training and support.
  • Worked directly with multiple ISPs for purchasing servers, IP blocks, and managing ISP relations.