These are miscellaneous projects that are small enough to not warrant their own dedicated page.

buildhosts for Ubiquiti USG#Top

This script was written for the Ubiquiti USG. This script downloads various anti-ad hosts files, merges, sorts, and uniques, then installs a new /etc/hosts file for blocking advertisements and tracking.


Download buildhosts-unifi.sh and make it executable:

curl 'http://matthewheadlee.com/projects/miscellaneous/buildhosts-unifi.sh' > buildhosts-unifi.sh
chmod 700 buildhosts-unifi.sh

Run buildhosts-unifi.sh once to get the initial hosts file in-place:


Create a new cron job to run buildhosts-unifi.sh once a week:

vi /etc/cron.d/buildhosts
# Run buildhosts every Thursday at 4:44AM
44 4 * * 4 root /usr/local/sbin/buildhosts-unifi.sh

buildhosts for DD-WRT#Top

This script was written for routers running DD-WRT. This script gets various anti-ad hosts files, merges, sorts, and uniques, then installs.


Supercharger Parser v2#Top

This script grabs the locations of all Tesla chargers, including Superchargers and private chargers from teslamotors.com


Supercharger Parser (Dead)#Top

No longer works, Tesla took down their list of webpages

This script grabs all of the supercharger pages from teslamotors.com and parses them for the GPS coordinates. It will do a Google Maps lookup if it cannot directly find the coordinates on the page. Currently the script is unable to lookup Chinese superchargers.


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